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Upcoming Events

Garden Get-togethers

Come by the garden for tea or coffee on Sunday mornings to talk about gardening! Coffee and tea will be provided.

Garden Time-swaps

Need help in your garden or want to help someone else? Sign up to trade one work hour or discussion hour. That’s a two hour commitment—one hour where you go to help someone in their garden or meet up at a coffee or tea or breakfast place or the library to talk about gardening and one hour where they do the same for you. At the end of each swap, schedule the next one. It can be any time interval that works, and monthly or every other month is a good place to start.

Event Wishlist

Following is a daydreamed list of events I would like to host at my farm. Most of these events are currently aspirational, my hope is that at least a few of them will come true each year as the farm grows. 💗

  • January – Seed Swap
  • February – Soil Block Party
  • March – Seed Saving from the Ground Up
  • April – Plant Sale Fundraiser
  • May – French Toast Breakfast Fundraiser
    • For the Farm
    • For the Trees
    • For the Seeds
    • For the Bees
    • For the Heart
  • June – Summer Solstice
  • July – Tomato Sandwich Party
  • August – Saffron Festival???
  • September – Dancing in the Rain
  • October – A Celebration of Vegetables
  • November – Friendsgiving
  • December – Winter Solstice