Rivers & Thyme is a small farm nestled in the Willamette Valley of Western Oregon dedicated to ecological agriculture, biodiversity, nutrition, and the study of great soil.

I am learning to grow the highest quality varieties of my favorite spices, vegetables, and sprouts using small-scale, biodiverse, no-till farming practices. I mainly work with hand tools, avoid plastics & chemical fertilizers, and use a microscope to analyze the biological activity in the soil on a regular basis. Saffron, Black Cumin, flax, and nasturtiums are my favorite things to grow so far!

I am passionate about food, microbiology, and regenerative agriculture. Microbes in the soil are critical to the nutrition in food—and I find that rather fascinating. Quality is why I study microbiology. Good food is why I farm.

I love growing, eating, and sharing food—I love food! I want to be around people who want to eat really good food every damn day.

💚 Sheri
“Live generously. Travel widely. Eat well. Tell stories. Design simply.”