Please talk to me if any of the following classes look interesting to you.

  • Year-Round Indoor Salad Gardening with Sprouts
  • Handmade Soil Blocks for the Home Gardener
  • Learning to Propagate with Basil
  • Winter Windowsill Gardening

I have been obsessed with sprouts lately. Watching their little leaves emerge makes me ridiculously happy. With indoor sprouts, you can do that every week or every day even!! I want everyone to have them! And even if tiny adorable leaves aren’t your jam, you might consider growing sprouts for the nutrition. They are PACKED full of nutrients with all kinds of health benefits, and I consider them one of the best gardening endeavors you can make from any space that has enough light.

Another thing I’m passionate about is soil—the best kind that is aged, smells good, and contains a healthy fungal-to-bacterial ratio and hopefully earthworms. Starting with good soil means you’ll have the best chance to grow nutrient-dense food. This brings me to soil blocks. They are simple. They use less plastic. They allow roots to air-prune instead of getting root-bound and stuck. They are so cool! One day, it occurred to me that you don’t actually need any fancy soil blocking tools to make soil blocks—just roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands in some mud.

Basil is my spark plant—my gateway into gardening and the first plant I fell completely in love with. I learned about propagation and cuttings when I figured out you can take one grocery store basil plant and turn it into 6 to 12 more. Amazing!